FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, is an industry organization that currently has 48 national and multi-national chapters around the world. Our membership is comprised of a cross section of real estate professionals, everything from brokers to developers, investors, architects, property managers, bankers, urban planners, surveyors, appraisers, etc. You name it, we've got it! And to underscore the point, we've got it in dozens of countries around the world. As a member of FIABCI, you get access to this international network.

  • Founded in Paris, France in 1951.
  • Connects real estate professionals across multiple disciplines around the world.
  • Provides direct access to international business opportunities and a global customer base.
  • Holds special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, focusing on serious housing and environmental issues worldwide.


  • FIABCI-Andorra
  • FIABCI-Austria
  • FIABCI-Belgium
  • FIABCI-Bulgaria
  • FIABCI-Deutschland
  • FIABCI-España
  • FIABCI-France
  • FIABCI-Georgia
  • FIABCI-Greece
  • FIABCI-Hungary
  • FIABCI-Ireland
  • FIABCI-Italia
  • FIABCI-Luxembourg
  • FIABCI-Monaco
  • FIABCI-Netherlands
  • FIABCI-Norway
  • FIABCI-Portugal
  • FIABCI-Slovenia
  • FIABCI-Suisse
  • FIABCI-Turkey
  • FIABCI-Ukraine
  • FIABCI-United Kingdom
  • FIABCI-Australia
  • FIABCI-East Asia
  • FIABCI-India
  • FIABCI-Indonesia
  • FIABCI-Japan
  • FIABCI-Korea
  • FIABCI-Macau
  • FIABCI-Malaysia
  • FIABCI-Mongolia
  • FIABCI-Philippines
  • FIABCI-Singapore
  • FIABCI-Taiwan
  • FIABCI-Thai
  • FIABCI-Vietnam
  • FIABCI-Arabic Countries
  • FIABCI-Egypt
  • FIABCI-Iran
  • FIABCI-Nigeria
  • FIABCI-South Africa
  • FIABCI-Brasil
  • FIABCI-Canada
  • FIABCI-Colombia
  • FIABCI-Mexico
  • FIABCI-Panama
  • Atlanta Southeast
  • Chicago Midwest
  • D.C. Mid-Atlantic
  • Hawaii
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles Southern California
  • Miami & The Caribbean
  • Mountain States
  • New York Northeast
  • Orlando
  • San Francisco Northern California
  • Seattle Pacific Northwest

Global Events

As a member of FIABCI, you're eligible to attend international, members-only events where you'll network with fellow members from around the world, as well as distinguished speakers, guests, and high-ranking dignitaries of the host countries. Would you like to grow your business and market globally? By joining FIABCI, you’ll gain access to a network that opens up that opportunity.

  • World Real Estate Congress: An annual 3-day convention of topical programing and networking for FIABCI members. Recent Congresses were held in Andorra, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia. The next Congress is scheduled for May 2020 in the Philippines.
  • Global Business Summit: An annual 3-day convention that combines programing with FIABCI Board and Committee Meetings. Recent Summits were held in France, Greece, and Indonesia. The most recent Summit was just held in December 2019 in Belgium.
  • Regional Congresses: Held annually as the Americas Regional Congress, the Asia Pacific Real Estate Congress (APREC), and the Europe Regional Congress.
  • Prix d’Excellence: Called the “Oscars of Real Estate,” this unique award is given to recently completed development projects that embody excellence in all disciplines involved in their creation. The awards ceremony for the Prix d’Excellence is held at the World Real Estate Congress.


When you join the Seattle Pacific Northwest Council of the USA Chapter of FIABCI, you become a member at the local, national, and international levels. Here in Seattle, we've been hosting market tours for global investors for several years. We give our members exclusive looks at new projects and introductions to local officials who provide insights into economic development plans and future opportunities for commercial real estate development and investment. One of our recent tours led to a significant investment from Vietnam in a new multi-family development in Tacoma, WA. Join like-minded real estate professionals – those looking to grow their businesses both locally and internationally – and learn how you can participate in these opportunities. The next great project may be just around the corner!

Connect With FIABCI-Seattle

Are you interested in being a speaker or panelist at one of our events? Let us know!